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    Top Interior Remodeling Trends for 2016

    Decorating fads may come & go, but the urge to change your life by changing your surroundings never does. Not every decorating trend is practical (Try keeping shag carpet clean!) but they all amount to an effort to create your own personal paradise and live there full time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    So what are the top trends for home remodels right now & how can they help you realize your dream home?

    17Visit the spa every day: One of the biggest Bathroom trends is an emphasis on spa-like spots you can enjoy every day. There’s a major shift away from the standard shower-over-tub configuration in favor of a large, glassed-in shower stall and a separate soaking tub – perhaps even with jets! If you have the room, why not luxuriate under a rainfall shower head for a few minutes every morning, or unwind with a soak after work? These luxuries have moved into the mainstream and are now surprisingly affordable additions when you’re building a new Bathroom.

    An additional benefit to a big walk-in stall shower is that it helps age-proof your home for more comfortable future living. If you ever have knee problems, you’ll be glad you can just stroll on in to that space. Sometimes luxury is practical.

    2Open up to your Kitchen: If you’re worried that the kids are trashing your Living Room while you cook, a place where they can play within sight of the Kitchen is a godsend. It’s become increasingly popular to add an informal Family Rooms that opens directly on to the Kitchen.  Entertainers also love this feature for their home because any good host knows that guests will always cluster around the Kitchen!

    Expanding an existing Breakfast Room or Sun Room often offers just the right flow while minimizing re-construction. Talk to your contractor about whether it would be more practical to open a wall to an existing room, bump-out a minimal amount to save on construction, or go big and add on a major addition. My buyers tell me that an open room off of the Kitchen is a real plus, so this is a remodel that can really pay off if you sell later on.

    Hands-off: Kitchens and Bathrooms are moving ever-closer to that Jetsons style future with no-touch appliances, fixtures and lighting. You can turn on taps, flush toilets, open the dishwasher and even open cabinets! Motion sensors built in to ceiling fans and light switches will save energy and the trouble of freeing up hands when you come home with groceries.

    Think of all the juggling that goes on in the Kitchen just to get dinner ready and you’ll see the appeal of this trend. It also cuts down on some of the germiest spots on your home. Taps, drawer pulls and light switches are major gathering places for  bacteria and viruses you should be rinsing down the sink. The energy savings of a motion sensitive light or ceiling fan can help pay for the upgrade.

    Breathe easy: Cleaner air is also something today’s homeowner is willing to pay for. Everything from the paint on your walls to the floor you install can fill your air with undesirable off-gassing of chemicals. Talk to your contractors about formaldehyde in the flooring, VOC-free paint, off-gassing synthetic carpet and filtration and purification systems for your home. Today’s heavily insulated environments can use a little airing out in the Winter when opening windows is undesirable. Remember that the same materials which keep your heat in can trap undesirable air as well.

    6Dramatic accents: Accents walls are in again! Instead of the solid or faux-painted walls we all all remember from the 90s, the latest styles are all about texture and bold patterns. Brick, stone, reclaimed wood, and nubby grass-cloth are on-trend now. Beautifully patterned wallpaper is also a great choice for adding a full wall of artistic flair without overwhelming the rest of the room. This trend is a quick way to bring distinctive style to a room with minimal spending and remodel time.

    Look at the picture on the left and see what a difference that stone accent wall makes in the otherwise very minimalist Living Room at 318 Franklin Street in Denville. This is a perfect example of how much interest a little texture can add to a space.

    If you’re looking for recommendations on choosing a contractor for any of the projects above, feel free to get in touch and ask me for recommendations! If you want just about any kind of interior or exterior remodel done, I can’t overstate how much I admore the work of JMC Home Improvement Specialists. Their attention to detail & customer service is wonderful, whether you’re re-doing a small Powder Room or making a major addition. Call them at 973-386-0707 for a consultation (tell them Jackie sent you!) and make sure to check out their portfolio at


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