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    The TOP 5 Mistakes Sellers Make

    Are you selling a home? Morris County Real Estate is hot right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t kill a deal. Here are a few of the most common ways sellers mess up their own sale. Trust me when I tell you that all of this advice can save you time, money and aggravation.

    1. Many sellers assume it’s okay to price their home on the high end at the beginning since you can always reduce it later, but this mistake can cost you a quick sale and reduce the total number of buyers who see your home. Statistics show that homes listed for 2 months actually receive 25% of their total showings in the first week! If you’re priced too high, buyers won’t even look and you’ll be at the bottom of the pile by the time you drop the price.

    2. No one knows more about your home than you do, but please, please, please leave the house for showings! No matter how many questions you could help with, buyers will be uncomfortable if you stay and they won’t linger as long. You want them to talk freely and take things in at their own pace. If they’re interested, their agent will be in touch with questions and you can explain away!

    3. You’ve renovated and cleaned like crazy, but what about the little details you’ve learned to ignore? Loose door handles, slider doors that put up a fight and all those other little quirks give an impression of neglect despite being 5 minute fixes.

    4. Once you have a buyer and you’re negotiating, don’t kill the deal with last minute surprises. If you’ve experienced flooding, termites, have an old underground oil tank or anything else that’s on the seller’s disclosure form, you need to be up-front because inspectors will find out. Best case you look dishonest & have to fix it anyway, worst case you lose the whole deal & go back on the market.

    5. Once the home inspection is done, most homeowners receive at least a few requests for repairs or credits towards repairs. The major mistake many sellers make is assuming this is an insult or a scam to reduce the price. Don’t take it personally. I promise I will never let you get taken advantage of, so keep calm and trust your Realtor!

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