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    The Top 2016 Interior Design Trends

    Whether you’re planning on redecorating a whole room, or just updating with a few eye-catching accents, take a look at these up-and-coming trends for 2016. There’s something to love whether you’re into traditional, modern or eclectic decor!

    moroccan tile rugs PBBold geometric patterns have been influencing wallpapers, pillows, bedding, upholstery and decorative painting for a few years now. It started modern with circles and stripes, took an angular turn with chevrons, and now the hottest pattern is Moroccan tile. This timeless shape is curvy, yet simple and works on any surface.

    This passion for patterns has brought around another fun trend – the fearless combining & contrasting of different patterns. There’s no rule that says you can’t enjoy the richness of multiple patterns in harmonizing tones!

    Design by Judi Schwarz

    Mixed metals are also a trend that’s evolving this year. When you think of metals, don’t think shine – think glow. It’s all about subtle satin finishes, muted antiqued tones and the warmer side of the spectrum. Brassy, bright gold is out, while soft brushed or antiqued gold is in. Copper and rose gold add color, while cold silver metals bow out in favor of more neutral pewter. Brushed black metal and bronze bring depth.

    The wonderful part about the mellowness of these metals is that they combine so well. The contrast is subtle, not glaring, and you can bring different shimmering tones into one space easily. Metallic leathers for upholstery and accent pillows are a particularly luxe way to indulge!

    This warming of what once was cold goes double for today’s Kitchen designs. With so many open floor plans bringing the Kitchen into the open, it only makes sense to keep the Kitchen’s design in line with how we live. Stark white Kitchens look out of place next to a cozy Family Room, so coordinating cabinet styling and woods with the furniture in the room adjoining them brings unity. Warmer toned faucets and hardware can coordinate beautifully with all the mixed metals from surrounding rooms.

    DSCN4711 smaller
    Design by Judi Schwarz

    When it comes to colors, the trend is towards using neutrals to set the stage for drama. Whether they’re light or dark, neutral grays, taupes and browns are perfect for making colors and patterns pop. Bursts of bright color and strong graphic prints scattered through the rooms will take your neutral space from simple to spectacular. Chartreuse and purple are popular accent colors, and this year’s pastel pink & blue Pantone colors of the year harmonize beautifully with understated gray.

    Bonus tip: Local interior decorator Judi Schwarz recommends that you take your projects on one at a time. Confining the work to one room means that you’ll always have un-disturbed peaceful spaces to retreat to during construction.

    On that note, if you’re planning a major decorating project, I’d like to encourage you to consider hiring an interior decorator. Here are a few reasons why this seemingly decadent choice is more down to earth and affordable than you’d assume.

    1) It’s probably more affordable than you realize. Designers know where to look for bargains and are eligible for discounts you aren’t. Your decorator may be able to save you a fortune on high-end furniture and decorations in exchange for a very reasonable fee for services. Designers are capable of working with all kinds of budgets and they know where all the best bargains are. Remember, they budget & shop for a living!

    2) Your time is valuable. Receiving a carefully curated assortment of decorating choices based on your preferences is so much more efficient than visiting every furniture store known to man and spending hours wandering those long aisles at Lowes. Decorating involves a lot of leg work and the choices are pretty much infinite! There are only so many hours in any weekend and it’s okay not to spend them shopping. Between the planning and the actual coordination of contractors, a designer can save you from feeling like you’ve taken on another full time job.

    3) Interior design is an art and there’s no shame in leaving it to a skilled professional. Between Pinterest, Instagram and all the decorating blogs out there, we’re constantly inundated with images of perfectly decorated rooms. These are great sources of inspiration, but it takes know-how to create them. Think of it like this – does looking at and enjoying a painting mean you could do the same thing given some paint and a canvas?

    I’d like to personally recommend the very talented Judi Schwarz for your next design project. Her clients always rave about the end result and she knows how to handle projects of any size and budget. Take a look at her Instagram or online galleries and you’ll be convinced! Then give her a call at (973) 758-1333 or email her at for more info!

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