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    Seasonal Affective Disorder: Beat The Winter Blues in Your Home

    It’s tough when Daylight Savings Time ends and suddenly it feels like bedtime before you even have dinner! Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real problem that affects your mood and energy due to lack of light. Here are some tips for combatting those Wintertime blahs in your home.



    Fewer daylight hours mean that it takes a little extra effort to get the sunshine your body and brain crave. A few quick, easy changes can bring in that light you’re missing.

    1. The Early Bird Gets the Sun: Your pets have the right idea when they nap in the sun every morning. Figure out where the light goes in the morning and make that your breakfast and coffee spot! You might need to temporarily re-arrange some furniture for the season, but the mood boost will be worth it!
    2. Let in the Light: Heavy curtains are great for insulating windows, but they block too much light. Sheers with a Roman shade or blinds underneath allow you to have bright light and still drop the blind for privacy and protection from cold drafts at night.
    Slightly adjusting your curtain rods also makes a difference. If your curtains are only opening enough to show a portion of your windows, you can double your light quickly by widening how far they can open on the curtain rod or adding pullbacks on either side.
    3. It’s Done with Mirrors: Mirrors can help brighten up the darkest corners. Place them to catch the light from windows and bounce it back to where you need it most. They can be very effective at bringing a bright, roomy feel to hallways.
    4. Bright Idea Bulbs: Regular lightbulbs give light, but not the full spectrum that we get from sunlight. Bulbs that mimic the full spectrum  –  from warm to cool –  will make your home feel cheerier. These bulbs come in both fluorescent or incandescent varieties. 

    Breathe in relief with aromatherapy! Your home will smell amazing and you’ll feel fantastic. The best part is that it’s easy to make this change in a number of places around your home.

    5. Cook Up A Plan: If you have a garden window above your kitchen sink, or even a handy window ledge, make a small indoor herb garden. Rosemary and peppermint are proven mood boosters and you’ll feel the benefit whenever you catch a whiff walking by or cook with them!
    6. Wash Away Winter Blues: This is also a great time to finally make use of that soaking tub in your bathroom. (You know it’s been gathering dust while you take a quick shower everyday!) Some of the most popular bath oil scents are also natural remedies for anxiety and depression. Try rose, orange, bergamot, lavender and sandalwood oils. (If you want a great selection, I recommend trying out a natural market like Grassroots in Denville or Whole Foods.)

    Decorating is another easy trick for boosting your mood when it’s dark out. Make your home feel like a resort!

    7. Bring the Garden Inside: Fresh, green foliage says Spring like nothing else can. Houseplants will brighten your home and your mood while also naturally cleaning and humidifying the air!
    8. Color Your World: Bright throw pillows, new art on the walls, accent rugs – the options for a quick pop of color are endless! Sisal and jute rugs add a much needed tropical feel in January!

    Jacqueline Scura is a Top Selling Agent in NJ and has over 28 years of experience as a Realtor. Her unparalleled local Real Estate expertise and involvement makes her a resource for Morris County Real Estate Advice & New, Town Events and Information and Household Tips & Tricks. She specializes in Parsippany Real EstateBoonton Real EstateBoonton Township Real EstateDenville Real EstateMontville Real EstateRockaway Township Real EstateCaldwell Real Estate and Mountain Lakes Real Estate. Narrow down your search for Rentals or Condos and Townhomes on my site!

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