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    Real Estate is Much More than Sales

    Ever wonder what a Realtor REALLY does all day? Sometimes I’m a little surprised by the answer, myself!

    Yesterday afternoon I was leaving the office and told a co-worker that I’d be back soon, I was just running to Home Depot to pick up a faucet for a customer. She said “Wait, you’re shopping for a faucet for a client?” and I said “Yes, I do it all the time!” In fact, for this particular client I’d been carting around granite samples, coordinating the countertop installation and was going to be delivering the faucet directly to the installer so that the job could be done on time. I just had to call the plumber to get it hooked up. The house had already sold, but it needed to be ready for the buyer’s move in date.

    Once I was done with that, it was time to visit the tile store for the third time for another client. Hopefully, the third the would be the charm and I could move on to helping them choose new flooring. My favorite floor guy had just dropped off samples.

    Is any of this in a Realtor’s job description? Technically, no. In order to pass the licensing test that makes you a Realtor, you need to answer questions about Law, Ethics and Real Estate practices. Those are all important aspects of my job but, as far as I’m concerned, there’s so much more to doing it “right” than that.

    For example, last year I had a customer who was grieving the loss of his mother. He was selling their home of over 40 years and feeling overwhelmed. I sold his home quickly, which meant I’d done my job well already, but there was more to do if I was going to feel personally “done” with his transaction.

    I found him a company to deal with clearing out the house since he was moving to a much smaller apartment. On the day they were set to arrive I showed up with coffee and donuts and helped organize things to make it easier on him. I helped him to find a new home that he felt great about, packed him up to move and made sure he settled into the new place comfortably. We still keep in touch and I’m glad I was able to make a difficult transition easier for him.

    Recently, an elderly client of mine was preparing to sell and move into a retirement community. She was feeling lonely during this process and spent an afternoon riding around with me while I finished up appointments and errands. Again, being company for my clients isn’t a part of my job description, but I was glad I could be there for her and we had a great time together.

    A lot of people think that Realtors just show a home once, or list it and then get a big commission. They don’t see the days that I get up at dawn to meet contractors and let them in to a house. They don’t see me going out in a Hurricane to make sure that a vacant home is safe. They definitely don’t see me cleaning and packing when my clients need a little extra help. Being a Realtor means being a part of some of the biggest events in my clients’ lives and that’s a far bigger responsibility than just selling a home.

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