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My House Isn’t a Home Without a Dog!

My sweet boy Gio enjoying his home!

It’s a funny coincidence, but I wound up taking in a homeless dog because I was housing a homeless family. 

A few years ago, a local charity came to me and asked if I could find a temporary place for a young woman and her three children who were about to wind up in a homeless shelter. Fortunately, I had an unrented apartment available and we were able to give her the time she needed to get on her feet and find her own place.

My new tenant became a fixture around the office, and when she heard about a Pug dog in need of a home, she knew she should talk to me. My son & daughter each have their own, much loved, Pugs and I have such a soft spot for them. I hadn’t owned my own dog in a while, so I was a devoted dog grandmother. I agreed to take in the dog temporarily and find him a new owner, but I bet you can guess how well that plan worked out! Gio moved in, stole my heart immediately and every day I’m grateful that I have this sweet, loving dog in my life.

Every animal lover I know feels like their house isn’t a home unless they’re sharing it with a pet. Adopting an older dog was absolutely the right thing for me. He’s house trained, obedient and so happy every day that he has a home and a family to love him. He shares his love with everyone he meets and is often found around my office, greeting his many friends.
I’d like to encourage you to make a home for an animal in need and to consider contributing to a rescue organization. There are so many local groups who are doing amazing work, and they save lives every day.

Eleventh Hour Rescue is an organization devoted to rescuing dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in states that use gas to euthanize them. One of my co-workers adopted a cat from Eleventh Hour who had been rescued from animal hoarders in South Carolina. The situation was bad enough that the home was raided by animal control and CNN reported on the disgusting conditions there. Her cat was then placed in a kill shelter, and never would have made it if it weren’t for the devoted volunteers at Eleventh Hour bringing him to NJ. One of their Foster Parents then took him in and made sure he was happy, healthy and ready to be adopted. 

This brings up another possible way to enjoy having a pet. If you can’t take in an animal forever, you can also consider becoming a Foster Parent. This role is an invaluable part of the animal rescue and adoption process. Fosters get animals out of shelter cages, which makes room for more rescues. Then they see that the pets are adoptable by getting them used to living in a home again. Many of these cats and dogs have never had a happy living situation and all they need is a little TLC to be the best pets in the world. Eleventh Hour Rescue covers all veterinary fees for animals in foster homes, so you can do a lot of good without spending a lot of money. Visit for Information on Adopting or Fostering.

Want to benefit this great cause while enjoying great food, drinks & live music? Go to Eleventh Hour’s Pours for Paws: Taste of Morris County event!


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