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    Learn Your Feng Shui Personality Type

    FENG SHUI isn’t a “One Size Fits All” approach to your home. It’s important to consider your personality and what you need from your environment. Experts feel that there are 5 main Personality Types in Feng Shui. Which are type you?


    The Fire Personality: 

    Fire types are passionate, direct and live for inspiration and excitement. They can be a bit disorganized and impulsive and are known for being very funny and vibrant.

    If you’re a Fire type . . .  Surround yourself with one-of-a-kind art and decorations that are as unique as you are. A worldly, eclectic environment will feel like home and suit your need for adventure every day. Bright, warm colors will spice things up.

    The Wood Personality:

    Wood types are decisive, confident and motivated. The need activity and competition in their lives and will always seek out new projects for their next challenge to overcome.

    If you’re a Wood type . . .  Bring the outside in with plenty of flowers and houseplants. Caring for these plants will give you a sense of peace and accomplishment in your home. Greens and browns will add a natural feel.

    The Water Personality:

    Water types are curious, sensitive and wise. They are as fluid as the name suggests and can be very indecisive. They are often perceived as mysterious because they change their minds so often.

    If you’re a Water type . . . A calm space to rest and recharge is essential to you. Focus on making your bath a serene and spa-like environment where you can reflect on anything and everything. Blues and blacks bring a Water element into your rooms.

    The Metal Personality:

    Metal types are strong, thorough and disciplined. They are very independent and, although they may seem cool and reserved, they are extremely intense people.

    If you’re a Metal type . . . Modern minimalism will keep your home from distracting you with unwanted details. A clean, orderly space will allow you to relax perfectly in your home. Whites and grays are the best palette for your no-frills style.

    The Earth Personality:

    Earth types are as grounded as the name suggests. They are stable, agreeable and practical. Earth types sometimes worry more than they should because they care so deeply for their friends and family.

    If you’re an Earth type . . . Coziness is key for you. Large, overstuffed couches and chairs, plush rugs and plenty of photographs, mementos and collections on display will make a room homey to you. Unsurprisingly, neutral sandy and deep earth tones suit you; as do sunny yellows.

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