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    Easy Spring Cleaning for Pet Owners!

    Anyone with a pet can tell you that sometimes it seems like having a nice, clean home and having pets just doesn’t mix. All of that fur and the potential for stains and smells can be a little overwhelming. Here are some tips that can help you enjoy your home AND your pets!


    1. Buy a Furminator! If your dog or cat is shedding until you have balls of fur rolling around like tumbleweed, then you’re about to thank me because there is a cure! Most of what pets are shedding is their undercoat, which is left untouched by regular pet brushes. The Furminator removes large amounts of the undercoat without making the top coat look sparse. Brush your pet thoroughly with it once a week and it’s like they’ve done all of their shedding for the week at once! Most pets love it, too! The Furminator comes in different sizes for small and large pets and is available at most pet stores.
    2. Get your pet a bed (or two) that it loves! If the cat or dog is napping mostly in its pet bed, then that means less of a mess on your furniture. Place beds in rooms where your pet loves to nap. Many pet beds are even machine washable. That’s a lot of fur left in one, easy to clean place rather than all over your house!
    3. On a rainy, muddy day your best line of defense will be a good doormat and a box of pet wipes. Train your dog to stop at the doormat when you come back from walks and give their feet a good wipe-down. They’ll adapt to the new routine and you won’t go crazy mopping up muddy paw prints everywhere! You can also choose some inexpensive towels that match your home and lay them by the door on rainy days.
    4. Be ready for accidents. Even the best trained pet will make an occasional puddle (or worse!) and the quicker you deal with it, the easier it will be. Have an enzymatic cleaner ready to break down those odors. Have  rags ready for blotting up the puddle before you clean, and consider having a handheld carpet cleaner ready for giving your carpet a quick spot clean. Also, never use a cleaner with ammonia. This smells too much like urine to pets, which encourages them to return to that spot in the future.
    5. Buy Swiffer cloths! Bringing out the Swiffer is much quicker than the vacuum and nothing grabs pet hair better! This is a quick, disposable fix. It’s so easy to use on stairs, too. No balancing acts needed to get the job done!

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