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Double Duty Household Tips!

Sometimes the solution to your problems is right in front of you. These tips will help you get twice as much use out of some common household items!

Fizz It Fresh!
Alka Seltzer can have a dramatic effect on your digestion, but it’s also a miracle quick fix in the bathroom! Get your toilet sparkling clean without any difficult scrubbing by dropping two Alka Seltzer tablets in the bowl, leaving it for ten minutes and then giving it a quick going over with the brush. The bubbles do all the work for you!

Dryer Sheet De-Stinking
If you have a pair of shoes that’s become too stinky to stand, just put a dryer sheet in each shoe overnight. It will absorb that odor quickly and easily!

Make a Note
If your computer keyboard has stubborn crumbs between the keys, a simple Post It note can clean things up quickly. Just press that sticky strip on the back between the keys for a fast, cheap de-crumbing.

Make Stacking Pans a Picnic
Your non-stick cookware needs protection from scratches. If you stack your pots and pans, place a paper plate between to protect the fragile Teflon surface

Take-out Tricks
Those Chinese take-out chopsticks that always wind up filling your junk drawer can really come in handy. For one thing, they make excellent plant stakes for small potted plants. Additionally, they can make refilling soap dispensers a snap. If you’ve ever had the stubborn last bit of soap at the bottom of the refill bottle empty itself everywhere BUT into the dispenser, you’ll thank me for this tip! Just put a chopstick into the dispenser and then put the refill bottle over the other end. The chopstick will guide the liquid soap downwards neatly! This works for getting the last bit of shampoo out of the old bottle and into the new one, as well!

Fantastic Plastic Bags
Plastic bags are everywhere. If you haven’t switched over entirely to using cloth shopping bags, you might as well get double duty out of the plastic ones. In freezing weather, plastic bags can streamline snow removal on your car. Avoid frozen windshield wipers and side mirrors simply by tying plastic shopping bags over them before it snows! They also come in handy when you’re painting a room. If you want a quick break, just tie a bag around the paint brush to keep it from drying out while you eat lunch!

You’ve Got It All Sewn Up!
Do you have a problem with long hairs getting tangled up around your vacuum’s beater bar? If you have a seam ripper in your sewing kit, you’re all set. It will cut the hair off easily and have your vacuum ready to go in no time. Seam rippers are also great for getting all the old hairs off of your hairbrushes.

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